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Nacuity Pharmaceuticals Announces Expansion of its Business Advisory Board with Appointment of Rare Disease Advocate Daniel Feller

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nacuity Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for retinitis pigmentosa, cataracts and other ocular diseases caused by oxidative stress, today announced the expansion of its business advisory board with the appointment of Daniel Feller.

Mr. Feller founded Talisman Licensing, a brand building agency in Melbourne, Australia, and has served as its CEO since the Company’s inception in 2007. He also currently serves as Chief Operations Officer at GEM42S Ltd, a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to the development of cutting-edge therapies using Base Editing and CRISPR techniques to treat rare diseases and advance towards addressing major diseases. Founded on the principle of leveraging innovative genomic technologies, GEM42S Ltd is committed to revolutionizing the landscape of medicine by targeting the root causes of genetic disorders.

After their son was born afflicted with Usher syndrome 1F, Mr. Feller and his wife, Hollie Feller, co-founded Genetic Cures Australia to support the growth of medical research on gene-based approaches and emerging therapies for inherited rare diseases in Australia. Mrs. Feller also co-founded and currently serves as the director of UsherKids Australia, an Australian-based support network for families with children diagnosed with Usher syndrome.

“I know firsthand the importance of the work underway to improve the lives of people with Usher syndrome like my son, and am deeply committed to accelerating promising research toward treatments and cures for genetic conditions like Usher syndrome,” Mr. Feller said. “Nacuity’s oxidative stress therapies have broad potential to treat a variety of diseases, including retinitis pigmentosa associated with Usher syndrome. I look forward to working with Nacuity at this pivotal stage as the Company advances its clinical programs to make a difference for people living with ocular diseases.”

“Daniel and his family are a pillar of the rare genetic disease community in Australia and we’re honored to welcome him to our advisory team,” said Halden Conner, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Nacuity Pharmaceuticals. “We look forward to leveraging his unique perspective and experience as an Usher syndrome caregiver, as well as his business-building acumen, as we advance our clinical programs aimed to stop oxidative tissue damage, a largely unaddressed disease mechanism in conditions including retinitis pigmentosa associated with Usher syndrome.”

Mr. Feller received his BA in French from the University of Warwick. He joins existing Nacuity advisory board member Scott Dorfman, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Odylia Therapeutics, a nonprofit biotechnology company focused on the development of treatments for people living with rare diseases, and Founder and former Chairman and CEO of Innotrac Corporation.

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Nacuity Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage leader in innovative treatments for oxidative stress. The company’s powerful, targeted therapies aim to stop oxidative tissue damage, a driver of blinding eye diseases and a broad spectrum of serious chronic conditions. Nacuity has three highly differentiated clinical programs ongoing in retinitis pigmentosa, cataracts and cystinosis with the potential to be first-of-a-kind therapies and gateways to wider applications. Based in Fort Worth, TX, the company has extensive managerial and scientific domain expertise as well as backing from Foundation Fighting Blindness and its venture arm RD Fund. For more information, please visit

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