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CheckedUp Launches Virtual Visits, Advanced Telehealth Platform for Specialty Care

CheckedUp Launches Virtual Visits, Advanced Telehealth Platform for Specialty Care

Advanced Telemedicine System Delivers Patients, Physicians, and Partners an Exceptional Virtual Care Experience that Redefines Telemedicine

April 28, 2020 09:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CheckedUp – the fastest growing specialty medicine digital point of care company – today announced the launch of CheckedUp Virtual Visits, an innovative, advanced telemedicine system designed to redefine virtual specialty care.

CheckedUp Virtual Visits, designed by physicians for physicians, was created to keep patients and physicians at the center of pivotal healthcare decisions as “point of care” engagement evolves with patient needs and becomes increasingly digital. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter the world’s “new normal,” CheckedUp is proud to offer a valuable, innovative service that redefines the virtual consultation experience. Its innovative platform empowers specialty care physicians, patients, and industry partners in multiple, dynamic ways.

“From early on, our leadership team viewed the COVID-19 crisis as an unprecedented challenge requiring an innovative response,” saidMark Goethals, Vice President of Marketing, CheckedUp.“Our efforts are focused on a new, post-COVID healthcare delivery landscape, delivering the service and functionality of a virtual examination room to patients and enabling providers to deliver superior virtual patient care. CheckedUp Virtual Visits allows physicians to meet their patients when and where they are, while providing innovative tools for providers and patients during their digital consultation. We are also happy to extend that accessibility to our partners in the life sciences, so that they can be a part of tomorrow’s healthcare conversations.”

CheckedUp Virtual Visits offers distinct care advantages over traditional telemedicine systems. It simplifies scheduling and operations, allows patients to see the dedicated specialist they know and trust, and brings the same easy to use technologies physicians use in the physical exam room, into the virtual realm.

“CheckedUp Virtual Visits leads a new era in the way physicians engage with patients during virtual consultations,” saidDan Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Sponsorship Sales, CheckedUp. “Current telemedicine systems, while serving an important role today, offer very little by way of additional in-office technologies, making exceptional care possible. We expect to change that.”

CheckedUp Virtual Visits is designed to perfectly replicate the patient and physician experience in a virtual setting, streamline administrative efforts by tracking physicians' personal notes and information regarding every consult, and remain HIPAA Compliant.

About CheckedUp

CheckedUp is one of New York’s fastest growing healthcare technology growth companies and is the only 100% digital, push technology platform designed for specialty point of care. CheckedUp has deployed a state-of-the-art platform into Specialty Healthcare facilities across the United States to actively engage patients, caregivers, and physicians in the waiting room, exam room, and at home. As a healthcare technology leader, CheckedUp aspires to create better educated and more confident patients and physicians who are empowered to make better health decisions together. CheckedUp was ranked #279 on Inc. 5,000’s list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US. Learn more